Seminars – Spring 2023 Semester

Levich Institute Spring, 2023 Semester Seminar Schedule

All Levich Institute Seminars Scheduled on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM

Steinman Hall, #312, City College of CUNY, 160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY

Please be advised that there will also be simultaneous Zoom links for each seminar

DateSpeakerAffiliationSeminar Title/Notes
02/07/2023Professor Enkeleida LushiProfessor Enkeleida LushiNew Jersey Institute of Technology, Mathematics Department"Micro-Swimmers Moving in Complex Confinement"
02/14/2023Michel OrsiDr. Michel OrsiCity College of CUNY, Levich Institute (research associate with Professor Jeff Morris)"Simulation of Concentrated Non-Brownian Frictional and Adhesive Suspensions in Linear and Nonlinear Flows"
02/21/2023NO SEMINARMonday Schedule
02/28/2023Professor Karen KaszaProfessor Karen KaszaColumbia University
Mechanical Engineering Department
"Stress Management: Cell Packings and Tissue Flows in Developing Embryos"
03/07/2023NO SEMINARAPS March Meeting
03/14/2023NO SEMINAR***************
03/21/2023Professor Stephano MartinianiProfessor Stefano MartinianiNew York University, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics"The Other Side of Entropy"
03/28/2023Professor David HenannProfessor David HenannBrown University, School of Engineering"Continuum Modeling of Flow and Size-Segregation in Dense Granular Materials"
Professor Luc DeikePrinceton University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering"Mass Transfer at the Ocean-Atmosphere Interface: The Role of Wave Breaking, Droplets and Bubbles"
04/11/2023NO SEMINARSpring Recess
04/18/2023Professor James BirdProfessor James BirdBoston University
Mechanical Engineering Department
"The Drainage and Collapse of Viscous Bare Bubbles"
04/25/2023Professor ZabarinProfessor Michael ZabarankinStevens Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Sciences
"Inverse Optimization in Electrohydrodynamics"
05/02/2023Professor Yimin LuoProfessor Yimin LuoYale University
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
"Molecular-Scale Substrate Anisotropy, Crowding, and Division Drive New Landscapes of Collective Behaviors in Cell Monolayers: Experiments and Modeling"
Professor Jamel AliFlorida State University
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
"Bacteria Inspired Colloidal Swimmers for Propulsion in Complex Media"
05/16/2023Professor Pierre-Thomas BrunProfessor Pierre-Thomas BrunPrinceton University, Chemical and Biological EngineeringBuilding with Fluids: a Lazy Approach to FabricationLevich Institute Seminar – Tuesday, 05/16/2023
What can numerical simulation compared to experiment teach us about contact line dynamics
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