Seminars – Spring 2023 Semester

Levich Institute Spring, 2023 Semester Seminar Schedule

All Levich Institute Seminars Scheduled on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM

Steinman Hall, #312, City College of CUNY, 160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY

Please be advised that there will also be simultaneous Zoom links for each seminar

DateSpeakerAffiliationSeminar Title/Notes
Professor Enkeleida LushiNew Jersey Institute of Technology, Mathematics Department"Micro-Swimmers Moving in Complex Confinement"
Dr. Michel OrsiCity College of CUNY, Levich Institute (research associate with Professor Jeff Morris)"Simulation of Concentrated Non-Brownian Frictional and Adhesive Suspensions in Linear and Nonlinear Flows"
02/21/2023NO SEMINARMonday Schedule
Professor Karen KaszaColumbia University
Mechanical Engineering Department
"Stress Management: Cell Packings and Tissue Flows in Developing Embryos"
03/07/2023NO SEMINARAPS March Meeting
03/14/2023NO SEMINAR***************
Professor Stefano MartinianiNew York University, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics"The Other Side of Entropy"
Professor David HenannBrown University, School of Engineering"Continuum Modeling of Flow and Size-Segregation in Dense Granular Materials"
Professor Luc DeikePrinceton University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering"Mass Transfer at the Ocean-Atmosphere Interface: The Role of Wave Breaking, Droplets and Bubbles"
04/11/2023NO SEMINARSpring Recess
Professor James BirdBoston University
Mechanical Engineering Department
"The Drainage and Collapse of Viscous Bare Bubbles"
Professor Michael ZabarankinStevens Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Sciences
"Inverse Optimization in Electrohydrodynamics"
Professor Yimin LuoYale University
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
"Molecular-Scale Substrate Anisotropy, Crowding, and Division Drive New Landscapes of Collective Behaviors in Cell Monolayers: Experiments and Modeling"
Professor Jamel AliFlorida State University
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
"Bacteria Inspired Colloidal Swimmers for Propulsion in Complex Media"
05/16/2023Professor Pierre-Thomas BrunPrinceton University, Chemical and Biological EngineeringBuilding with Fluids: a Lazy Approach to FabricationLevich Institute Seminar – Tuesday, 05/16/2023
What can numerical simulation compared to experiment teach us about contact line dynamics
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