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You can fill out this form in advance or have relevant information ready before coming into my office.

Levich server application

Name: _____________________________

Advisor: ___________________________

Office: _____________________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone number: ____________________ (Phone number is for receiving password as text.)

Server requested:

  • Login server: – clientless browser access to Levich virtual machines
  • Jupyter Hub: – Jupyter notebook for analyzing, visualizing and sharing data
  • Linux server: – 64-core 196GB-RAM
  • Linux server: – 32-core 128GB-RAM, COMSOL. Matlab, Gromacs
  • Citrix server: – 40 concurrent desktop instances, ASPEN
  • OSX cluster: – 200-core 400GB-RAM
  • File sharing server: – file storage and sharing, 20TB storage
  • Backup server: Drobo NAS – Network backup server 9TB storage


Users need to apply for a VPN account from IT service separately to access certain internal servers.

How to apply

Copy the above text and fill out information. Then email to me. Once account is approved, you will provide phone number to receive password.

Sysadmin/Systems manager: Junjun Mao
Office: 1M11, Steiman Hall
Email: Junjun Mao <>