Levich share


Server name: levich-share.ccny.cuny.edu

Off-campus access: Yes

Configuration: Dropbox-like file sharing server, 20 TB Storage

Function: Provide file synchronization and sharing service, encryption supported.


How to use

Web interface

Point browser to https://levich-share.ccny.cuny.edu


  • You are able to create encrypted and non-encrypted libraries.
  • When files are encrypted, the sysadmin cannot recover files in case the password is lost.
    Share library
    Under libraries, you can upload folders/files with drag-drop or upload button.


You can share folders or files. When sharing by link, you can choose to add password protection and expiration date.

Share link is avaliable for sharing files:
Share permission and password

Share link and share to usr/group are available for sharing folders:

Install SeaDrive clients


There are two types of clients:

    • Desktop Syncing Clients – Works like Dropbox, contents on server is mirrored to a local folder.
    • Desktop Drive Clients – Works as an extended network drive.