Seminars – Fall 2019 Semester

Levich Institute Fall, 2019 Semester Seminar Schedule

All Levich Institute Seminars Scheduled on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM in Steinman Hall, #312

[Unless Otherwise Noted]

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DateSpeakerAffiliationSeminar Title/Notes
08/27/2019person-placeholderMs. Marta Ruiz                                 City College of CUNY
Mechanical Engineering Department
(Research Scholar with Professor Jing Fan)                                                
"Food Supplementation within Liposomal Encapsulation Technology against Chronic Fatigue  Syndrome"
09/03/2019Profesor Sujit DattaProfessor Sujit DattaPrinceton University
Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
"Heterogeneous Dynamics in Porous Media: from Gels to Cells"
09/10/2019                            NO SEMINAR**************
09/17/2019Sophie MarbachDr. Sophie MarbachCurrently post-doctoral fellow at NYU MRSEC Research Center"Active Sieving : from Flapping Nano-Doors to Vibrating Nanotubes"
09/24/2019Professor Georges BelfortProfessor Georges BelfortRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
"Guiding Design of Porous Polymer Materials Using Membranes as an Example "
10/15/2019Professor Chris BoyceProfessor Chris BoyceColumbia University
Chemical Engineering Department
"MRI and Computational Modeling of Multiphase Flow Systems"
10/22/2019NO SEMINARSociety of Rheology Meeting
10/29/2019Professor Thomas CubaudProfessor Thomas CubaudStonybrook University
Mechanical Engineering Department
"Microfluidic Flows of High-Viscosity Fluids: Waves, Threads, and Droplets"
11/05/2019Ankit KantheAnkit KantheCity College of CUNY
Levich Institute
"Decoding Air/Liquid Interfaces using Synchrotron X-ray"
11/12/2019NO SEMINARAIChE Annual Meeting
11/19/2019Professor Prabhu NottProfessor Prabhu NottIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India"Coherent Force Transmission in Disordered Particle Assemblies and its Relation to Mechanics"
11/26/2019NO SEMINARAPS/DFD Meeting
12/03/2019Professor Michael ShubProfessor Michael ShubCity College of CUNY
Department of Mathematics
"Chaos and Homology"
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