Jeffrey F. Morris Laboratory – Members

Jeffrey F. Morris

Professor of Chemical Engineering, CCNY
Director of the Levich Institute, CCNY

After earning his Ph.D. degree from Caltech and working as a postdoc in Shell, Amsterdam in 1995, Jeff Morris joined Georgia Tech as an Assistant Professor (1996-2002). Subsequently, he worked with Halliburton as the Senior Scientific Advisor (2002-2004) and joined The City College of New York (CCNY) in 2005 where he has been since. Professor Morris served as the Chair of Chemical Engineering at CCNY (2013-2016) and acting director of the Levich Institute (2015) before being appointed as its director in January 2016 and continuing to the present. The list of past directors of the Benjamin Levich institute includes eminent engineering scientists Benjamin Levich, Andreas Acrivos and Morton Denn. Jeff Morris has over 12000 citations (Google Scholar), several patents and has authored a book titled A Physical Introduction to Suspension Dynamics, with E. Guazzelli (CNRS). He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, and is on the Editorial Boards of Rheologica Acta and the International Journal of Multiphase Flow. He has received several honors and awards, including the Journal of Rheology Publication Award (2015 and 2020), the 2019 Corrsin Award of the American Physical Society, 2022 Weissenberg Award of the  European Society of Rheology, and the 2023 Bingham Medal of the Society of Rheology.

Current Graduate Students


Dennis Burgner

Doctoral Graduate Student
The Flow of Hydrate Slurry Suspensions


Subramaniam Chembai Ganesh

Doctoral Graduate Student
Co-advised with Charles Maldarelli, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, CCNY
Surface Tension Mechanisms of Colloidal Motors

Moyosore Odunsi

Doctoral Graduate Student
Co-advised with Mark Shattuck, Dept. of Physics, CCNY
Experiments and Modeling of Contact Line Motion in Capillary Bridges

Current Postdocs

José Rafael Morillas Medina

Rheology of Magnetorheological Fluids Under Multiaxial Magnetic Fields

Michel Orsi

Dense Suspensions in Chocolate Processing

Recent Group Alumni

Fanny Thomas (PhD 2020)

Capillary Bridges in Hydrates

Omer Sedes (PhD 2020)

Molecular Dynamics of Suspensions

Sidhant Pednekar (PhD 2019)

Co-advised with Dr. Jaehun Chun
Statistical Molecular Dynamics

Morgane Houssais (Post-Doc)

Material Physics in Landscape Dynamics

Abhinendra Singh

Structure and Flow Behavior of Soft Materials Website:

Stephanie Mareene

Madhu Majji

Ryohei Seto

Amit Ahuja

Hamed Haddadi

Romain Mari


Sojwal Manoorkar  

Chaiwut Gamonpilas  

Genti Zylyftari