Charles Maldarelli Laboratory – Overview


Research in Charles Maldarelli’s  group  centers principally on interfacial and colloidal phenomena at the micro and nanoscale. Current research projects include:

Active Matter
Self-propelled colloidal locomotors along boundaries
(with Joel Koplik, Physics Department, CCNY)

Microbead based lab on a chip diagnostic platforms

Colloidal Hydrodynamics
Hydrodynamic motion of colloids on fluid interfaces and particle assembly
(with Joel Koplik, Physics Department, CCNY)

Green Chemistry
Ecofriendly Surfactants for the re-mediation of maritime oil spills
(with George John, Chemistry Dept., CCNY)

Monoclonal Antibodies
Dynamic adsorption and phase behavior of monoclonal antibodies adsorbed at a gas/water interface
(with Raymond Tu, Department of Chemical Engineering, City College of New York)

Peptide Self-Assembly and Catalysis
Minimalist and switchable peptide-based artificial enzymes
(with Rein Ulijn, Department of Chemistry, Hunter and Advanced Science Research Center, CUNY)


Microparticle arrays for lab-on-chip diagnostic assays


Hydrodynamics of interaction of colloids attached to a particle surface

Hydrodynamics of interaction of colloids attached to a particle surface


Hydrodynamics of a particle translating and rotating on a surface of a thin film


Minimalist design of tripeptide esterase artificial enzymes


Chemical herding for maritime oil spill remediation

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