Levich Institute Seminar Archive 1990-2018

Levich Institute Seminar Archive

DateSpeakerAffiliationSeminar Title/Notes
12/12/2017Professor Michelle GirvanUniversity of Maryland
Department of Physics
"Phase Transitions and Criticality in Biological Networks: Implications for Genes and Neurons"
12/5/2017Professor Nicolas GiovambattistaBrooklyn College
Physics Department
"Understanding Water Liquid/Glass Polymorphism using the Potential Energy Landscape Approach"
11/28/2017**************NO SEMINAR**************
11/21/2017**************NO SEMINARAPS/DFD Meeting
11/14/2017Professor Elisa RiedoCUNY Advanced Science Research Center"Harnessing Forces and Heat to Study and Pattern Atomic Interfaces"
10/31/2017**************NO SEMINARAIChE Annual Meeting
10/24/2017Professor Joseph SeymourMontana State University
Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
"Measurement of Dynamics by NMR in Polymers, Colloids and Near Critical Fluids"
10/17/2017Chaoming SongUniversity of Miami
Department of Physics
"Quantifying Group Dynamics in Online Social Media"
10/10/2017**************NO SEMINARSociety of Rheology Meeting
10/03/2017Professor Pejman SanaeiCourant Institute of Mathematical Sciences"Mathematical Models for Membrane Filtration"
9/26/2017**************NO SEMINAR**************
9/19/2017**************NO SEMINARThursday Schedule
09/12/2017Dr. Ben OvrynScripps Institute"Single Molecule Tracking of Tagged Glycans and Modeling of Beads-on-a-String Structures Along
Membrane Nanotubes in Live Cells"
9/5/2017**************NO SEMINAR**************
08/29/2017Dr. Jonghun LeeArgonne National Laboratory"The Role of an Order-to-Disorder Transition in Shear Thickening"
05/09/2017Dr. Emily Asenath-SmithEngineer Research and Development Center
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
"Cold (and Warm!) Materials RDT&E at the US Army's Cold Regions Laboratory"
5/2/2017**************NO SEMINAR**************
04/25/2017Professor Konstantin MischaikowRutgers University
Department of Mathematics
"Reduction and Reconstruction of Complex Spatio-Temporal Data"
4/18/2017**************NO SEMINARSpring Recess
4/11/2017**************NO SEMINARSpring Recess
4/4/2017Dr. Chungqiu ZhangCUNY Advanced Science Research Center (Research Associate with Professors Rein V. Uljin and Charles Maldarelli)"Conformation Switchable Artificial Hydrolase Based on a Self-Assembling Peptide"
3/28/2017**************NO SEMINAR**************
03/21/2017Professor Gerald FullerStanford University
Department of Chemical Engineering
"The Fluid Dynamics of Ultra-low Surface Tension Liquids"
3/14/2017**************NO SEMINARAPS March Meeting
03/07/2017Professor Ehud YarivTechnion Israel Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematics
"Strong-Field Electrohydrodynamics"
02/28/2017Professor James SwanMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Chemical Engineering Department
"The Hydrodynamics of Colloidal Gelation"
02/21/2017Professor Ralph ColbyPenn State University
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
"Flow-Induced Crystallization"
2/14/2017Professor Yannick HallezUniversite Toulouse III Paul Sabatier"Electrostatic Effects in Suspensions of Hollow Spheres"
02/07/2017Professor Eva KansoUniversity of Southern California
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
"Active Chains in Micro-Confinement"
01/31/2017Professor Wolfgang LosertUniversity of Maryland
Department of Physics
"Physical Guidance of Cell Migration"
12/06/2016Professor Frederick MacKintoshRice University
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department
"Extracellular Matrix Rheology: Mechanical Phase Transitions and Anomalous Normal Stresses"
11/29/2016**************NO SEMINAR*************
11/22/2016**************NO SEMINARAPS/DFD Meeting
11/15/2016**************NO SEMINARAnnual AIChE Meeting
11/8/2016**************NO SEMINARElection Day
11/01/2016Professor Petia VlahovskaBrown University
School of Engineering
"Electrohydrodynamic Instabilities of Viscous Drops"
10/25/2016Dr. Christine Lafforgue-BaldasCNRS Laboratory LISBP"In situ 3D Analysis of Cake Formation During Filtration on Microsieves Using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy"
10/18/2016Professor Albert LibchaberRockefeller University"Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria: Dynamics in Natural Sediment, Crystalline Organization in Simple Geometry"
10/11/2016**************NO SEMINARYom Kippur Holiday
10/4/2016**************NO SEMINARRosh Hashanah Holiday
09/27/2016Professor Chang-Hwan ChoiStevens Institute of Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering
"Hydrodynamic Friction Reduction on Superhydrophobic Surfaces"
09/20/2016Professor Seth FradenBrandeis University
Department of Physics
"Microfluidic Networks of the Oscillatory Chemical Reactions"
09/13/2016Dr. Farhang RadjaiMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Multiscale Material Science of Energy and Environment
(Visiting Scientist from CNRS)
"Granular Flows: Insights from Numerical Simulations"
9/6/2016Professor Vincent PauchardCity College of CUNY
Department of Chemical Engineering
"Stabilization of Water in Crude Oil Emulsions by Asphaltenes: Simplicity Beyond Complexity"
8/30/2016Dr. Ehssan NazockdastNew York University
Courant Institute
Simons Foundation and University of North Carolina
"Mechanics and Hydrodynamics of Spindle Positioning"
05/17/2016Dr. Jaehun ChunPacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)"Colloidal Interactions in Nanomaterials, Crystal Growth, and Beyond: Correlating Details at Small Scales to Larger Scale Phenomena
05/10/2016Professor Victor SteinbergWeizmann Institute of Science
Department of Physics of Complex Fluids
"Role of Thermal Noise in Vesicle Dynamics in a General Linear Flow"
05/03/2016Professor Jeffrey GiacominQueen's University
Chemical Engineering Department
"Advances in Large-Amplitude Oscillatory Shear Flow of Polymeric Liquids"
04/29/2016Professor Sunil BhagwatInstitute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
Department of Chemical Engineering
" Interfacial Science & Engineering: Basics and Applications"
4/26/2016**************NO SEMINARSpring Recess
04/19/2016Dr. Blaise DelmotteNew York University
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
"Fingering and Clustering Instability in Suspensions of Rollers: Computational Study and Potential Applications"
04/12/2016Professor Arun RamchandranUniversity of Toronto
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
"Macrotransport Processes in the Pressure-Driven Flow of a Concentrated, Non-Colloidal Suspension"
4/5/2016**************NO SEMINAR**************
03/29/2016Professor Grae WorsterUniversity of Cambridge (UK)
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)
"Freezing of Soils and Colloidal Suspensions"
03/22/2016Professor Sungyon LeeTexas A&M University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
"Interfacial Dynamics: Drops & Particles"
3/15/2016**************NO SEMINARAPS March Meeting
3/8/2016Morgane HoussaisCity College of CUNY
Levich Fellow
"Complex Material Rheology in Landscape Dynamics"
02/26/2016 Alban SauretCNRS, SVI Laboratory, Aubervilliers, France"Erosion and Spreading of Granular Material"
2/23/2016Professor Jing FanCity College of CUNY
Mechanical Engineering Department
"Microfluidics Enabled Studies on Complex Fluids and Materials Sciences"
02/16/2016Professor Sachin VelankarUniversity of Pittsburgh
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
"Capillarity, Wetting, and Rheology in Multiphase Particle-Liquid-Liquid Mixtures"
2/9/2016**************NO SEMINARFriday Schedule
02/02/2016Dr. Jai PathakMedimmune
Drug Product Manufacturing Group
"Viscoelasticity of Crowded Monoclonal Antibody Solutions: Chain Conformation Does Matter"
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