Levich Institute Special Symposium Seminar – Kate Stebe – Tuesday, 04/16/2019

Levich Institute Special Symposium Seminar Announcement, 04/16/2019

Professor Kate Stebe

Tuesday, 04/16/2019
2:00 PM
Steinman Hall, Room #124
(Steinman Hall Exhibit Room)

Professor Kate Stebe

University of Pennsylvania

Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

” Bacteria at Fluid Interfaces”


Bacteria can become trapped on or near fluid interfaces and display a range of interesting dynamics.  Experimentally, we have characterized bacteria trajectories adjacent to and on interfaces.  Analytically, we are developing descriptions of the hydrodynamic modes associated with these objects, applicable to any active colloid adhered to an interface.  In this talk, I will share recent progress.


Kathleen Stebe Is an alumna of the Levich Institute. She is currently the Goodwin Professor of Engineering and Applied Science and the Deputy Dean for Research at the University of Pennsylvania. She served on the faculty at Johns Hopkins University before joining the University of Pennsylvania.


Colloids, interfaces and complex fluids.  Soft Matter.

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