Levich Institute Directors’ Lectures

We are proud to announce the inauguration of the Levich Institute Directors’ Lectures, to celebrate the achievements and contributions to the City College of New York of the Directors of the Levich Institute:

Professor Benjamin Levich (1979-1987)
Professor Andreas Acrivos (1988-2000)
Professor Morton Denn (2000-2014)      

The first of these lectures will also celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Grove School of Engineering at CCNY.  In fact, two lectures set for April 16, 2019 will be given by Chemical Engineering PhD alumni who performed their studies in the Institute. The talks will be presented beginning at 2:00 PM with:

    Professor Kathleen Stebe, a 1989 graduate supervised by Charles Maldarelli and now Assistant Dean of Research at the University of Pennsylvania.
   Professor Anubhav Tripathi, a 1998 graduate supervised by Andreas Acrivos, and now the Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program at Brown University.

These presentations will be followed immediately by a reception.

In Fall 2019, the Directors’ Lectures will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Levich Institute’s founding.  The date and details will follow soon.