2015 SOR Awards

2015 Society of Rheology Awards


Left to right: Journal of Rheology Editor Ralph
Colby, Romain Mari, Morton Denn, Jeffrey Morris.
Ryohei Seto was unable to attend.

Levich Institute researchers Romain Mari, Ryohei Seto, Jeffrey Morris, and Morton Denn received the 2015 Society of Rheology Publication Award for the best paper published in the Journal of Rheology during the preceding two years at the annual meeting of the Society of Rheology in Baltimore, October 11 – 14, 2015. Their paper, “Shear thickening, frictionless and frictional rheologies in non-Brownian suspensions”, J. Rheol. 58(6), 1693-1724 (2014), is available through open access, as are all Publication Award papers. Romain Mari is now at Cambridge University, UK, and Ryohei Seto is at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.


Morton Denn receives the Fellowship certificate
from SOR President Greg McKenna.

Albert Einstein Professor Emeritus Morton Denn was inducted into the first class of Fellows of the Society of Rheology at the annual meeting of the Society in Baltimore, October 11 – 14, 2015. SOR Fellowship status recognizes a history of distinguished scientific achievement, a significant technological accomplishment, and/or outstanding scholarship in the field of Rheology. Professor Denn previously received the Society’s Bingham Medal and Distinguished Service Award and shared in the 2015 Publication Award. He was Editor of the Journal of Rheology from 1995 to 2005.