Cheme Linux Server

Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
Computing power: 64 CPU core, 196 GB RAM
Hosted software: C/C++ compiler, Fortran compiler, Python 2.7, Python 3.6, Matlab

How to login?

This server only allows connection through secure shell (ssh), an encrypted remote login protocol.

To login from chrome browser:

From chrome web store, install Secure Shell extension.

Here is an example of configuring ssh connection to the server.
enter image description here

To login from Windows

Download Putty from and log in from putty, port 22. Putty is a ssh client.

To login from Mac OS X and Linux

ssh -X
(X forwarding enabled, needed to run matlab)

How to login with graphic interface

You can install x2go client to access cheme server virtual desktop. It is more user friendly at the cost of some speed loss.

Install x2go:

Linux users can install x2goclient from distribution repository. For example, run
aptitude install x2goclient
will install x2go client on a ubuntu computer.

Configuration for x2go client to connect to cheme server:

You can share a folder between your local computer and remote server for easy file transfers.

  • Configure in Session preferences -> tab Shared folders
  • You can start to share even after a session is opened.

Change password and log out

Please change default password at your first login.

Open a terminal, type
to change password.

To log out from a ssh session, type
To exit.

If you use x2go, the session is suspended when you close the session window. To terminate the session, either click the off button on x2go menu or choose logout from x2go session.

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