Professor Charles Maldarelli

Levich Institute and Department of Chemical Engineering

City College of New York

140th Street and Convent Avenue

New York, NY 10031


Phone: 212-650-8160

FAX:    212-650-6835


Microfluidic and Interfacial Transport Lab


Our research centers on phenomena on the micro and nanoscale. We are particularly interested in the adsorption of surfactants at fluid interfaces and their influence at interfacial flows, colloidal hydrodynamics, microfluidic phenomena as it relates to lab on a chip platforms, and the microhydrodynamics of spreading. Some of our recent research efforts are:

Colloidal Hydrodynamics
  • Molecular Dynamics and Hydrodynamics of the Self-Propulsion of Colloids due to a Concentration Gradient of Solute


  • A Microarray of Lipobeads Assembled by Hydrodynamic Entrapment in a Microfluidic Obstactle Course and Their Use for Pathogen Sensing and Display of Membrane Receptors

Microhydrodynamics of Spreading

  • The Measurement of Hydrodynamic Slip at an Interface From the Dielectrophoretically Driven Merging of Droplets on the Surface
  • The Wetting Motion of a Droplet in Air Over a Superhydrophobic Surface

Surfactant Transport at an Interface

  • The Direct Adsorption of Micellar Aggregates to a Fluid Interface
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