Introduction to Programming under Linux

Location: 1M22, Levich Institute conference room, Steinman Hall

No registration needed, just bring your laptop (Linux, Mac, Windows or Chromebook)


  1. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Department Linux server

    Time: 3pm to 4pm, 02/08/2019, Friday
    Login/logout, change password, remote access with command line and graphic interface.
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  2. Linux basics

    Time: 3pm to 4pm, 02/15/2019, Friday
    File system: file permission, sharing and executable properties.
    Common linux commands: query the system resources, navigate through file system, transfer files, and communicate with others on the same system.
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  3. Linux shell and work automation (On hold)

    Time: 3pm to 4pm, 02/22/2019, Friday
    Shell and shell script: Use alias and shell scripts to work efficiently.
    Job types: Interactive job, background job, queued job.
    Program input and output: standard in, standard out, standard error, pipe and redirect.

  4. Compile a program in c and fortran

    Time: 3pm to 4pm, 02/22/2019, Friday
    The concept of compiling and linking a program: source code, object code, and binary code.
    Debug: how to debug a program, how to monitor a running process (use trace and top), how to profile a program.
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  5.  Code editor and Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

    Time: 3pm to 4pm, 03/01/2019, Friday
    IDE integrates code editor, compiler and debugger in an interactive environment. Although it requires some initial setup and learning, it has the potential to improve code writing productivity greatly.
    Useful features of a code editor and IDE: code completion, code highlighting, code folding, error checking.
    Popular code editor and IDE: atom editor, sublime text, Code::Blocks, CLion
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Office hours:

After the above training sessions, students can ask for help at office hours from 3pm to 4pm, Fridays throughout the semester at either my office 1M11 or the conference room 1M22.

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